Friday, September 23, 2011

Yes, Virginia!

No quilting progress made in the past week or so since my last post, this is all due to a trip down to Virginia to see Jeff's parents, which had us gone from Saturday morning (up at 3am to catch a 6am plane to Roanoke, urgh!) until we flew home on Wednesday from Richmond.

It was good to be able to see Jeff's parents, and I know they were both really happy with the visit. While in Richmond (an awesome city) to visit with his mom, we went to the Edgar Allan Poe museum. It's a tiny little museum, located in one of the oldest homes left in the downtown area (if I'm remembering correctly).

The Poe Museum

One of the things on display was Edgar Allan Poe's childhood bed with its quilt. I was naughty, and took a picture of it, even though it wasn't allowed. I wish I'd been able to get closer and pictures with more detail, but it wasn't to be. It was lovely though. It never ceases to amaze me the things people were able to do with much simpler tools at their disposal. Even now plenty of people avoid piecing with diamonds as it being something much too intricate or complicated!

Edgar Allan Poe's Childhood Quilt

I'm looking forward to at least getting something quilt related done over the weekend, even though Saturday will be eaten up by birthday parties, one for a classmate of each of the kids. It's not quite back-to-back parties, but it might as well be. The charm squares that I won on Melanie's blog are wanting to be turned into whirligig pinwheels very badly!

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  1. Wow, that quilt is very cool. I love old, intricate quilts. Thanks for risking prosecution for our sake's LOL!