Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Aunt Edna!

This morning I headed out to my local Joann's store to see if some of Denyse Schmidt's DS Quilts Aunt Edna collection had arrived. I saw it appear on Flickr or a blog, and figured it might be in stock. I was in luck, and some of it was!

DS Quilts Aunt Edna

I'm missing 5 of the prints (the houndstooth, plaid and large dots from the second colorway, and a floral print from both), but as one of the bolts was one I spied behind the cutting table, still shrink-wrapped in plastic, the others may yet arrive or need to be unpacked. Because I forgot some of the notions for the Daisy Girl backpack pattern I have for Miss Matilda, I need to go back at some point anyway.

The new collection is lovely, and it matches the Hope Valley pieces I have well (I only have the New Day blue/grey colorway of that though, so far.) The oranges are a little less neon-y than in the picture, but the sun was blazing this afternoon and even the color correction in Photoshop couldn't fix it entirely. It's not hugely different though.

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