Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Busy Busy!

Things have been a little crazy around here. For 4 days last week I was at New York Comic Con (October 13-16), helping Jeff out as his personal and live stream assistant at the booth that the company he works for was running there.

I've never been to a Comic Con before, though I've wanted to attend one. The one in San Diego is the comic con that seems to have gotten most of the name, so until last year I wasn't even aware there was one in NYC too. 120,000 tickets were sold for the 3.5 days, so this is no obscure event. Besides comics, which do make up the bulk of the booths (well-known and smaller and tiny indie publishers, independent stores, artists and writers), there are booths for console/computer games, and a couple of movies (like the upcoming Avengers movie).

Thursday afternoon was for the Press, and VIP ticket holders, so that wasn't too busy. After that, it was kind of crazy from 10am until the days ended at 7pm (5pm on Sunday). So, a couple of very long days, that started VERY early. We were lucky that our evenings weren't booked with other post-con events, so we did manage to get some sleep too. Overall it was a fun experience. I got to know a bunch of the people Jeff works with better, I was able to see little bits and pieces of the show, and also do some awesome things like get one of our Mouse Guard graphic novels signed by the creator (& author & illustrator), the hugely talented David Petersen. Mouse Guard is a really lovely series set in a medieval era with sentient mice, guardsmice who guard the mouse territories and cities. I was also lucky enough to get a hold of a signed limited edition print of Lady Mechanika, another comic series that Jeff and I like a lot. And at the Dark Horse comics booth, artist Jenny Frison signed a poster for an upcoming comic that she did the wonderful cover art for: House of Night. Good times, and I was glad to get my geek on a little in that way.

So that was the event that prevented my working on much. I did get the Olivia quilt quilted, and I have about a quarter of the binding stitched on (I like to hand stitch the back). Currently the house is getting a pretty thorough cleaning, which is eating up quite some time. But a tidy house makes me feel better about doing sewing. Between being away for a couple of weekends the past month, and having a lot of incoming stuff, things are a little more cluttered than usual. We're also planning on hosting a Halloween party this upcoming weekend, so time to get everything in gear!

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