Friday, August 12, 2011

Ghastly Vertigo

I'm a bit behind lately with the blogging and sewing.

Parts of last weekend were spent cutting the remainder of pieces and assembling some of the smaller blocks for the Ghastlies quilt, and I had intended to get quite a bit of that sewing done at the beginning of this week. This got derailed quite a bit when I had a severe vertigo attack on Monday evening.

Vertigo was a fear of heights, or so I had always thought. But apparently not. In its severe form, it causes a sensation of the world spinning around you, nausea and vomiting, which is what I ended up with. One moment I was fine and talking to my boyfriend, Jeff, and the next moment everything was spinning, I felt supremely unwell, and vomiting started not long after. After about an hour we ended up going to the ER as it seemed unrelenting.

Thankfully hours later, after the administration of oxygen, a saline drip, IV anti-vomiting medication and tablets to combat nausea, I felt much better and was released home at about 4.30am. Blood tests indicate my body had been fighting off an infection, and one of the possible causes for severe vertigo can be an inner ear infection. But, hard to know either way whether it was just a random occurrence, or actually an ear infection (with the blood cell count indicating some other infection being combated).

Not an experience I hope anyone else has to ever experience! Tuesday was spent feeling kind of jet-laggy due to being up most of the night and getting to bed at 5am, but Wednesday had me feeling a lot better, and yesterday better still, to the point where I'd say I'm mostly back to normal.

I'm also back to sewing some on my Ghastlies quilt top. It's finally starting to come together, and that's always a bit of a nerve wracking feeling, because this is where I'll start to see if my fabric and color choices actually work as well as I'd imagined!

Still it's exciting though!

Ghastly Pieces

Re-cutting with the Lazy Angle ruler.

Ghastly Taffy Pieces

Ready to piece the big stuff! (Sorry, a little dark).

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