Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hacked Gmail

If anybody received an odd email claiming to be from me, with either some crud about an iPhone or other links: It wasn't me. My Gmail account was hacked, and that was the result. Thankfully I caught it within about 20 minutes of it happening and was able to change my password (yay, thanks Jeff!), and it shouldn't happen anymore.

I do apologize if this caused anyone inconvenience!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Olivia The Pig

I managed to snap some pictures of the finished Olivia quilt as the leaves were turning and Autumn was in its glory. As I type it's gotten pretty cold the past few days, the leaves are long gone and the outdoor icicle lights have just popped on, as the light already starts to fade at 4pm.

I do wish Fall lasted longer, the turning of the foliage is such a fast process. Over almost as soon as it's begun.

Olivia the Pig Quilt
Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

Olivia the Pig Quilt

The back of the quilt is pieced. Two large dot fabrics that were 54" wide. The binding is Kona charcoal with some of the white-on-red polka dot fabric that was used in the quilt top. The background is Kona medium grey.

Olivia the Pig Quilt

It presently lives on Miss Matilda's bed (it's not a bed-sized quilt though), where Lieam spends as much time sleeping on it as he possibly can!