Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bad, Bad, Blogger!

For some reason I kept thinking I had blogged about things, finding out later that I hadn't.

It's been a busy and stressful year in many ways, with the first half being plagued with a lot of uncertainties. Jeff and I did get engaged back in January, which was a wonderful event, and obviously not one of the stressful moments, though it did launch a few revolving around the planning of a wedding. Not long after that, a work relocation blipped onto the radar, adding to the stress levels. At that point we did decide to avoid a full-blown wedding, and changed it to a small intimate affair, held on June 21st, Midsummer. It was lovely, and shared with Miss Matilda and 3 of our close friends.

There was uncertainty about the final relocation destination, but around May-June Northern Virginia and the Washington D.C. suburbs became the destination.

In the time since, I haven't gotten to do as much sewing as I would have liked. Though in reviewing pictures I hadn't yet blogged about, more than I thought.

One of the works in progress is a Tula Pink Dreamweaver quilt, using her Birds and the Bees fabric:


Another is a Jaybird Quilts pattern, Chopsticks, using Wrenly and Kona solids:


One finish I accomplished that immediately went into a moving box was finally finishing my Flipside quilt, Rachel Griffiths' pattern, and using Kate Spain's Central Park fabric:


In May I finished a Tova in Denyse Schmidt fabric, which I wore in my engagement photos (which I need to dig up somewhere):


And then there was the Washi in Anna Maria Horner linen, that I sadly didn't manage to finish before our wedding, but is still gorgeous anyway.


I'll be doing more expansive posts about most of these projects, especially once they're out of the moving boxes! Our move is next week, the 18th, very exciting, and I can't wait. Among other things, I'll be near two modern quilt guild chapters.