Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Stash #1

I had been looking forward to sewing with my new machine, until I started to set things up this morning, and realized that the guide on my new 1/4" foot was bent slightly. Rather than guiding 1/4" (or a scant 1/4") it was doing more than 1/4". Obviously that presents an issue and makes accuracy a lot harder. Of course this kind of thing would be something I notice on a holiday long weekend, meaning that the web form that I filled out on Janome's site won't get read until Tuesday. And it figures that the one issue I have is with the foot I want to use the most. On the upside, the Aurifil thread I ordered will likely be here when the new foot is too.

However, the mail did deliver some new goodies this week, including the Ghastlies fabric I ordered for my Taffy quilt.


The main pattern for the focal star blocks. The trees-on-white for the star points. The charcoal bramble for the space around the star blocks. Sebastian the cat for the block corners, and the grey clover for the block sides. When choosing the fabrics online I had been a bit wary about whether it'd be too subdued or lacking in enough contrast, but seeing them in the flesh I'm feeling much happier about my choices.

I have no solid plans for the back yet, but I picked up these two Ghastlies fabrics to use in it. The clover-on-white was a back-up if I wasn't too happy with the trees-on-white, and I decided that while I didn't want to use the Ghastly Night print in the quilt top, that I would use some in the backing.

Ghastlies Back

With my new sewing machine being out of commission for quilt piecing until I get a replacement 1/4" foot, I may end up cutting a lot of pieces for a few planned quilts. The Ghastlie Taffy one, and a Carnival quilt in Kate Spain's Fandango line.

And this week also brought some of Lizzy House's Castle Peeps. I want to use those fabrics to make her Castle Treasury quilt, which looks fun and playful and colorful.

Castle Peeps


  1. I LOVE those fabrics so much! I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Ok, I finally clicked over to the Taffy pattern -- it's absolutely PERFECT for the Ghastlies -- I can't WAIT to see your finished quilt!!!