Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Traversing Terrain

When I first saw previews of this collection, I was totally hooked. I think Kate Spain's fabric collections are the top contender for my favorites, and she seems to outdo herself with each one. Verna and Fandango are great, and Central Park was amazing! And now, now Terrain! The colors are even bolder with this collection, fuschia and bright oranges and purples, counterbalanced with dark cactus greens and pale ocean blues.

Terrain Charm Squares

The collection isn't due out until September, but it seems that since Spring Quilt Market bits and pieces have started floating around, mostly charm packs (5"x5" squares) and I've seen a couple of jelly rolls and a few Fat Quarter packs. Whatever the reason, I am not complaining!

So, I grabbed 2 charm packs on Etsy. I have some of the Terrain coordinating Kona Solids on the way (iris purple and cactus green). Along with a Lil' Twister template to make Lil' Twister pinwheels (which use charm squares). I'd like to make a mini quilt for Shannon, Dashiell's aide, before summer camp is done. She was his aide for the entire school year as well, and now for this, and I'd like to make her something by way of a thank you. I kind of hate buying teachers stuff. I never know what to get them, and it always ends up being one of those kind of lame gifts, like you get at Christmas from people who don't know you well: bath product gift baskets and such. While I know that making something for someone you don't know well obviously runs the risk of not being liked too, at least it feels like more effort and thought has gone into it than just grabbing something at The Body Shop.

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