Monday, June 20, 2011


I finished my first large quilt top. I would say it was my first quilt, and it was certainly the one I started first, and acquired fabric for first, but not the one I finished first.

The honor of truly being the first one goes to a Charm Square Baby Quilt I made using Elizabeth Hartman's free pattern, and with a pack of charm squares of Oliver + S's Modern Workshop, with Kona Meringue for the sashing. As that is intended for a gift, only a sneak peek of that one:

Charm Squares Baby Quilt

My Kitchen Window quilt top, inspired by a custom bundle that I saw on Fabricworm's site a few months back. Pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's book.

Kitchen Window Quilt

Certainly it was a learning experience. It has plenty of flaws, though nothing that really takes away from the enjoyment of the piece (the underside is a little embarrassing though, where I can see all the issues with not so accurate seam allowances), but definitely something that has taught me a lot in various areas. I still have the basting and quilting and finishing to do, so I can't get too ahead of myself here, but I'm pleased with the results.

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