Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mail Goodies

Yesterday the UPS man delivered the remainder of fabrics from Kate Spain's Fandango line that I'd ordered last week. This fabric will be used to create a rendition of Jaybird Quilts' Carnival pattern.

Fabrics for Carnival Quilt

I still need to order my contrasting solid, but I'm very excited already! Last week I also received some other Kate Spain fabrics, a layer cake and another fabric for binding from her Verna collection. That will go towards making Bloom's Abracadabra quilt.

Presently I'm working at finishing up the other 2 quilt tops that I'm working on. My Kitchen Window quilt top is almost complete (hopefully today!), and the Olivia the Pig themed quilt I'm working on for Miss Matilda shouldn't take too much longer either.

Sometimes it's hard to focus on finishing things and stop from getting too over excited about new projects, so I'm trying very hard to avoid getting ahead of myself, and to avoid putting too many projects on the list of things I want to do and creating a list that'll never get finished. This kind of thing is made even more difficult with so many outstanding patterns and fabric collections out there! Eek!

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