Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilting With Cats

Life with felines is pretty fun. That said, they sometimes have a habit of getting fantastically in your way. They also seem to be drawn like magnets to anything you make, or anything you are about to start working on. I swear they have a sixth sense about these things...

Until last Saturday, we had 2 resident felines. Shiloh (stripy, now quite large, a huge wimp) and Isobel (tortoiseshell, bossy, sounds like Fran Drescher with a 2 pack a day smoking habit). Ever since we had an additional cat house guest earlier in the year, the idea of adding a third, and adding some cat testosterone into the mix has played on our minds. We finally went to the SPCA and acquired a small black 8-week-old boy cat, whom we have named Lieam, after a mouse from the graphic novel series Mouse Guard, written and drawn by David Peterson.

Trying to quilt with cats involves all kinds of obstacles like having your rotary mat covered in fur-beast:

Quilting With Cats

Receiving "help" with the cutting:

Quilting With Cats

And having to iron around objects:

Quilting With Cats

Our newest addition, Lieam:


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